What is Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?


Like many dental procedures, root canal treatment is a dental procedure through which you can get back the smile you were aiming for. The Root Canal Treatment helps you get rid of tooth extraction.

The main reason behind performing the root canal treatment is to restore your natural teeth by removing the infected pulp inside the teeth.

So I think you have got an idea of what is root canal treatment? Now, if you want to know more, read the article till the end. Here I’ve also explained its benefits, side effects, and some relevant Faqs.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure in which the dental pulp inside your teeth is removed, cleaned, and filled with a sealing. After that, your dentist places a crown to restore the natural function and looks of your teeth. The crown protects the tooth from external damages and infection and injury. If you want to get the best dental care visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you.

What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment?

Many factors determine the cost of root canal treatment. Root Canal Treatment may cost you differently based on the dentists and the quality of the dental treatment provided to you. However, the cost of the root canal treatment in Chennai may cost you around some 3000-6000 per tooth, but this only includes the cost of the Root canal; however, the cost of the crown is different.

How would you know if you need the Root Canal Treatment?

  • A person with a chipped or cracked tooth can opt for root canal treatment.
  • If you are sensitive to hot or cold, you can opt for Root Canal Treatment.
  • If you’ve deep cavities that could be cleaned and proceeded further instead of extracting the entire tooth, you can opt for this treatment.
  • A root canal treatment may also be required if you witness an unusual pain in your jaw.

These are some instances in which you may need the Root Canal Treatment.

What are the benefits and side effects of root canal treatment?

Benefits of the root canal treatment;

  • It prevents the spread of infection to the neighboring tooth, and it is one of the main reasons dentists perform root canal treatment.
  • It saves you from painful tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is a better process indeed, But it cannot restore the natural teeth but instead directs for an artificial tooth.
  • It gives your teeth a natural look and provides a long-lasting result with appropriate care.
  • Untreated or Extracted teeth in the jaw can lead to the degeneration of the jaw bone. The root canal treatment helps to prevent this condition by stimulating the jaw bone. It helps to prevent the jaw bone from degenerating.
  • The root canal treatment helps to improve not only oral health but the overall health.
  • It boosts your self-confidence by providing you with a natural and appealing smile.

Side effects of the root canal treatment:

  • After the root canal treatment, you may witness pain and swelling in the area for a few days.
  • The treated tooth is much more prone to fracture as it is hollow from the inside. However, many people have witnessed that the tooth becomes more prone to brittle.
  • The changes in the tooth color have been noted in many people after the root canal treatment. The teeth emit a dark brown and yellowish appearance from the outside.
  • The root canal treatment is quite expensive. Even for a single tooth, you may need to invest around some 3000-6000 Rs.
  • The root canal treatment is a complicated procedure, and there is no guarantee that the procedure will be successful ultimately.
  • Sometimes the root canal treatment may take up multiple visits to complete just a single procedure.

So these were some benefits and side effects of the root canal treatment. Analyze both before undergoing the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Root Canal Treatment?

What is the process of root canal treatment?

The process is simple. First, the endodontist cleans your tooth by removing the infected pulp inside the tooth. Then he fills it with tooth filings. And at last, he places a crown for the long-lasting result.

How long can the root canal treatment last?

With proper care and dental hygiene, root canal treatment can last up to a lifetime. However, on average, the root canal treatment can last up to 10-15 years.

Which is the best, Tooth Extraction or Root Canal Treatment?

In terms of cost, the tooth extraction might sound better. But considering various factors, the best option to treat the infected teeth is root canal treatment. The root canal treatment may be pretty expensive, but it is more beneficial than a tooth extraction.

What is the best age for root canal treatment?

The best age for root canal treatment is around 12 and older. Sometimes even the younger children may need root canal treatment based on the damage to their teeth, and it also depends upon their dentist’s suggestion.

Can the root canal treatment fail? Who’s responsibility is it?

Yes, there’s the chance for the root canal treatment to fail, and the total responsibility lies with the dentist. If you observe any pain, you can claim your dentist for relief and further procedures.

How can I prevent the root canal treatment?

The root canal treatment can be prevented even by these simple measures;

  • Brush your teeth regularly twice a day.
  • Floss and Rinse your teeth after every meal.
  • Do not consume too much sugar in your diet as it may be harmful to your oral and overall health.

Follow these steps to get rid of the root canal treatment.

So hope you find the article helpful. If you have any queries, you can comment below. See you shortly with the following article.

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